The island is worth being visited in any season of the year as its life is governed by the cycle of nature. In Spring the land wakes up from its winter sleep; longer days let enjoy the island in all its beauty and scents.

Summer is, of course, the main season; all the different beaches facing one of the most impressive sees within the Mediterranean, are repopulated. The sweet autumn with its harvesting time mood, and the mild winter as well offer unique and impressive colors.

The most interesting monuments in Rio Marina are Appiani Tower and the Mineral Park, built by Napoleon during his stay on the island.


Miniera in Trail is an original and unique chance to run in one of the most peculiar environments. There is no other place on the planet where so many mineral deposits are concentrated in the same area: this might be the reason to make the area a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The race offers incredible impressions: it runs through boundless open-air mines that over the centuries have been shaping the mountain, it touches on the greenest see of the northern Tyrrhenian and on pristine cliffs. Miniera in Trail offers the opportunity to a full-immersion in the island atmosphere, in all its landscapes, scents and emotions.


Miniera in Trail is not just a journey to the most genuine environment of Elba Island.

Bearing in mind that these places have always been a historic crossover, Miniera in Trail experience becomes even more fascinating. Thanks to the iron in Rio Marina, Etruscans have started the very first industrial revolution, and Scipio’s Romans have defeated Hannibal’s Chartaginians during the Punic Wars. In the Middle-Ages this area became prey to the Pirates seeking to achieve a material useful as weapon in war time; two centuries ago, Napoleon established his domain over the island because of the wealth derived from the mine in Rio.

Running Miniera in Trail means crossing in the history and events that have marked the island; it means relive its past daily life, its dynamism and dedication to the land.

” The dreamy shimmer fo this black and red lands is able to enchant and stay in the heart of anyone who sees it for the first time “